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59% of all women in Alaska have experienced intimate partner violence, sexual violence, or both in their life time.


2010 Alaska Victimization Survey



"I've seen that my old ways are wrong. I've learned to analyze situations, stay calm, and make good decisions that will help my family."  M.G. Men's Group Participant  



groups: Tuesday, 4pm-5:30pm

or Thursday,3-4:30pm


Sometimes when we hurt the people we love, it's because we don't know what else to do. We may have been raised in a family where we saw men hurting women or parents hurting children.


We may never have seen a healthy relationship or learned the skills to manage our emotions or our behaviors. This may explain our beliefs and actions, but it's not an excuse.


We may feel the need to control those around us. We may have difficulty recognizing and expressing feelings that we associate with weakness. We may be quick to rage.


This has to change.


When we hurt the ones we care for we lose their love. We also lose their trust and they become afraid of us. Fear isn't present in a healthy relationship, whether that relationship is with a partner or with our children. Healthy relationships involve respect, communication, healthy boundaries and nurturing.


Our program for men focuses on assisting you in identifying any abuse you've used, deconstructing the beliefs that justify the abuse and teaching you healthy relationship and parenting skills.


Change takes time.


Our meetings are once a week and the program lasts for 36 weeks. Daytime and nighttime groups are available to make it easier for you to attend. The groups include men ages 18 to 60+ who have used abuse at some point in their life or who have been raised with abuse and who are now making changes in that pattern.


While in group, you will learn that you are responsible and need to be accountable for your choices and actions. You'll also learn critical thinking, analytical skills, and self-awareness.


Some of the healthy relationship skills you will learn include: communication skills, identification and appropriate expression of emotions, de-escalation skills, assertiveness, problem solving, listening skills, self awareness, parenting skills, boundaries, and  how to be accountable.


All men who attend group are supportive of each other and engage in the change process in a respectful manner. Group facilitators are highly trained and well respected in the field. We have a strong, progressive program that's been developed to address the specific issues involved with domestic violence and to utilize best practices when working with our clients.


For those who have jobs that take them out of town or who live in a rural area, we have developed a schedule that accommodates those clients who are required to attend program and do not have that is accessible.


Please contact us for details.


"I've seen that my old ways are wrong. I've learned to analyze situations, stay calm and be safe."

M.G. Men's Group Participant

"My relationship with my wife has significantly improved. I know when I feel cues coming on to deescalating and taking a time out. The world needs more LEAP."


                                                    R.S. Men's Group Participant

"I've learned a lot about myself.  I've done a 180 since I've been in group."

R.D. Men's Group Participant

"Thank you for being there. I love my husband again."



Victim of F.S. Men's Group Participant


Fairbanks Therapy Associates

fax: 907.452.6903




Contact us for an appointment.

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